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327402tadeusTadeusz Siankowski

 Hairdressing happy since 1989

 About me

I have lived in NZ since 1990, originally from Poland. I love travelling the globe and seeing new places. I have studied land scape design so one of my hobbies is collecting plants and spending time in my garden.

What I love about being a hairdresser  Being able to change someone’s image really quickly.

What I would do if I was your hairdresser?

I would make you love your hair.

The product I could not live without?

Kerastase Form Fatale although it changes all the time. I love this product for its extra fine texture that perfectly shapes hair all over with volume that lasts.

 My favorite styling tip

Prepare your hair with Primer prior to blow drying. This will save you time to use for those last minute touches.

Celebrity style I love at the moment?

Miranda Kerr for her hair length, color, movement and fluidity.

Words that describe me?

Caring. Cheerful. Funny. Creative. Passionate






Jackie Johnson

Hairdressing happy since 2013

About me

Being spontaneous and having a laugh with my friends.

What I love about being a hairdresser 

I love getting to know others and                                                                                     making clients feel good about themselves.

The product I could not live without?

fix design spray by L’Oreal

My favorite styling tip

For fine/ flat hair when using hairspray, spray underneath  by lifting your hair up and spraying. Don’t apply on top of your hair.

Celebrity style i love at the moment: 

Long soft ombre like Holly Hagan

Words to describe me

Kind, supportive and independent.